Inner Strength: The Free Mental Attitude in Acem Meditation (Book)

Author: Are Holen

Best introduction to long-term processes of Acem Meditation.

Inner Strength: The Free Mental Attitude in Acem Meditation (Book)
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Book - ISBN 978-82-91405-09-4
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 by Are Holen, 2nd Edition

On its publication in 2000, Inner Strength was the first Acem book in English. It is still the best available introduction to the long-term processes of Acem Meditation. In this volume, Dr Holen discusses the importance of the free mental attitude. He explains how to cultivate and maintain a free mental attitude while meditating and suggests the kinds of change that this can bring about.

This new edition of the book is in a handy format and has been completely redesigned with beautiful illustrations. It also includes some new text.

As a companion to the book, Acem has published a CD under the same title. The book and the CD cover much of the same ground, but often look at the topics from different angles.

From the audio CD:

"As we give the unconscious greater and greater freedom through meditation, more and more undercurrents of the mind surface in order to become a part of the conscious mind. This process represents a more profound form of integration that brings together different and often opposing parts of ourselves. It is a process that revivifies dormant parts of the self in order to unite them with the conscious self."

 Acem Meditation • The free mental attitude • The meditation sound • The moment of forgetting • Existential responsibility • No effort – Nature of meditation problems • Concentration • Perfection not the goal • Meditation and daily life • Forgetting the meditation sound • Accept and include • Wrestling with restlessness • No expectations • Ethics and honesty • Residuals from the day