50 Years of Meditation – A Brief History of Acem

By Tor Hersoug

This book follows the development of Acem School of Meditation through its first 50 years, from a small group of students in Oslo in 1966 to an international non-profit organization teaching Acem Meditation on every continent.

50 Years of Meditation – A Brief History of Acem
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Founded by Are Holen, Acem has developed an understanding of meditation based on modern psychology and neuroscience. This approach includes courses for beginners and experienced meditators, as well as advanced retreats with long meditations for people with normal obligations to family and work.

Through periodicals, seminars, radio and TV stations, and blogs, Acem has sought to act as a countercurrent to dominant trends in culture and society.

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  • The psychology of meditation
  • Various levels
  • Acem School of Yoga
  • Forging new paths
  • “Books and buildings”

Year by year 1966-2016

The psychology of meditation 

Deepening retreats

The financial basis 

  • The beginning
  • Volunteer efforts to raise money
  • Acem’s first property
  • Acem’s first retreat center
  • Acute financial need
  • Renting out venues
  • Further expansion
  • Idealistic work
  • Personal contributions



  • Acem publications
  • The author